Find the Edges

A popular strategy for completing a jigsaw puzzle is to first find the edges. Once you’ve separated all the pieces with a flat edge from the rest you can then

Care less about what people think and more about what's important to you

Care Less

What’s the difference between “I couldn’t care less if I tried” and “not having a care in the world”? In both instances, we are not caring. Or at least, we care
by gareth
Look beyond the obvious for creative solutions to difficult problems.

Beyond the Obvious

A friend noticed the lamp in the guest bedroom was missing. She found it in her daughter’s room. The thing was, she already had a lamp. So why did she
by gareth
Nurturing creativity means embracing chaos.

Embracing Chaos

You’ve been kidnapped. Blindfolded. And transported to somewhere completely alien to you. Some deep tropical jungle. Then left to learn to survive and communicate with the local tribe. How do you
by gareth